Anthem available now

So, after the whole early access for the players with an EA Access and Origin Access (Basic or Primer) that got to start playing on February 15 8but only Primier subscribers, because the other subscriptions only allowed for a 10-hour game window), everyone else can now play this open-world shooter game.

It was not consentual that, even if if it was thanks to a paid subscription, some got to start playing before others. But that may not really metter to all those who only get to start playing today because there were many bugs (yes, the game has them…in software and enemies in-game :p) that require a Day One massive patch. You can find the patch description anywhere on the web.


I started playing yesterday night, and I am still level 5 at the time I am writing this post. I don´t really review games here, but there is one thing that, is better from the demo I played but still kind of annoys: being transported to your team in match. I mean, sure, it´s always better to tackle missions with teammates and even if the timer now takes longer to reunite you with your companions, for me, it still is wrong because you can be in the process of doing something (like gathering items) and when you are almost there, you might be teleported. In my opinion, there should be a message indicating you could or should join them and an option for you to click and join. But that´s just me talking…

Happy Gaming, Fellas!

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